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Home Arts & Entertainment, Photography Movies Ask Me to Dance: A Whirlwind of Romance, Dance, and Unforgettable Charm

Ask Me to Dance: A Whirlwind of Romance, Dance, and Unforgettable Charm

Ask me to Dance


Ask Me to Dance” is a romantic comedy directed and written by Tom Malloy. This delightful film blends classic romance tropes with a touch of originality, creating a heartwarming narrative that celebrates the magic of love at any age.

Plot Summary

Jill and Jack: Characters & Storyline

The story revolves around Jill (portrayed by Briana Evigan) and Jack (played by Tom Malloy), who also wrote and directed the film. Both characters, employed at the same large computer company, unknowingly navigate their paths until a series of events intertwine their lives.

Key Themes: Romance, Coincidences, and Dance

This film beautifully amalgamates classic romantic elements with the captivating world of West Coast Swing, California’s state dance. It captures the essence of ageless romance, delivering a journey where the destination is known, but the delightful twists and turns along the way make it a joyous experience.

The Film’s Charm

“Ask Me to Dance” stands out for its genuine charm and nostalgic appeal. It harkens back to the days of classic romance on the silver screen, reminiscent of iconic pairings like Bogie and Bacall or Hanks and Griffith.

The incorporation of West Coast Swing adds a unique flair to the film, showcasing both the dance’s evolution from 1930s Swing Dancing and its significance in the characters’ lives.

Embracing Predictability with Charm

While the storyline might seem familiar at first glance, the film’s execution surprises the audience with its sincerity and warmth. The coincidences and serendipitous moments, though predictable, add to the film’s irresistible charm in an era of cynical cinema.

Characters’ Love for Dance

Both Jack and Jill share a passion for dance, a central aspect that brings them together. Despite Jack’s departure from teaching ballroom dancing to pursue an IT career, his love for dance remains a significant part of his identity.

Jill, on the other hand, frequents swing dancing nights with her friend Patrick (portrayed by Mario Cantone), finding solace in dance amidst the quest for love.

Ensemble Cast and Performances

The film’s ensemble cast, including familiar faces like Joyce DeWitt from “Three’s Company” and Mario Cantone, adds depth to the narrative. Briana Evigan’s infectious smile and Tom Malloy’s multifaceted talent as an actor, director, and dancer elevate the film’s authenticity.

A Modern-Day Romance

“Ask Me to Dance” breaks away from clichés, aiming to depict how dance fills the voids in people’s lives. The characters’ names, Jack and Jill, symbolize a dance contest in the Swing Dance world, mirroring their journey of unexpected encounters and improvisation.

Captivating Dance Sequences

One of the film’s standout aspects lies in its mesmerizing dance sequences. The opening scene at a dance competition sets the stage, showcasing the remarkable chemistry between characters and their undeniable talent. Despite not fitting the conventional image of seasoned dancers, their performances, whether fast or slow, exude spectacular charm and authenticity.

The choreography, led by eight-time U.S. Open Swing dance champion Robert Royston, deserves applause for making swing dancing accessible and enjoyable for everyone. The infectious energy and fun exuded on the dance floor transcend the screen, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the joy of movement and connection.

“Ask Me to Dance” beautifully intertwines the magic of dance with a heartfelt narrative, creating an experience that resonates long after the credits roll.

A Touch of Unconventionality

While the film embodies the essence of classic romance, it also ventures into uncharted territories, deviating from conventional storytelling. Amidst the heartwarming narrative, a few unexpected moments might catch viewers off guard, adding layers of intrigue to the storyline.

However, these instances, like the appearance of wrestling champ Kurt Angle, might seem out of place in an otherwise charming and cohesive film. Nevertheless, they serve as reminders of the contemporary setting, juxtaposing nostalgia with elements of the present era.

The film’s ability to balance nostalgia with modernity creates an intriguing dynamic, offering audiences a blend of familiarity and surprise throughout the captivating journey of “Ask Me to Dance.”


“Ask Me to Dance” is a heartwarming ode to classic romance, seamlessly blending familiar themes with the vibrant energy of West Coast Swing. It captures the essence of love, coincidences, and the joy of dance, offering an enchanting cinematic experience for audiences of all ages.


  • Is “Ask Me to Dance” suitable for all audiences?
      • Yes, the film has a PG-13 rating, making it suitable for a wide range of viewers.
  • What makes this film unique among romantic comedies?
      • The film’s blend of classic romantic elements and the incorporation of West Coast Swing sets it apart, offering a refreshing take on ageless romance.
  • Are the lead actors well-known in the film industry?
      • While not widely recognized, Briana Evigan and Tom Malloy deliver captivating performances that add authenticity to the story.
  • Does the movie rely heavily on predictable tropes?
      • While the storyline may seem familiar, the film surprises with its sincerity and delightful execution, offering a charming experience beyond expectations.
  • Where and when can audiences watch “Ask Me to Dance”?
    • The film opens in various cities nationwide on Oct. 7 and will be available on VOD platforms starting Nov. 8.

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