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Home Political commentary "First Battle" by Johannes Kriek: Unmasking the Mainstream Media's War on Trump's Presidency

“First Battle” by Johannes Kriek: Unmasking the Mainstream Media’s War on Trump’s Presidency

Trump’s Presidency

In the chaotic landscape of American politics, one figure stood out like a lightning rod, sparking both fervent admiration and vehement opposition. That figure was none other than Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Johannes Kriek’s book, “First Battle,” delves deep into the tumultuous four years of Trump’s presidency, shining a spotlight on the relentless battle waged against him by the mainstream media, Democrats, and Big Tech. It provides a detailed analysis of the last one hundred days of Trump’s presidency, examining how the mainstream media reported on his speeches, rallies, and actions.

A President Like No Other:

Donald Trump’s journey to the White House was unconventional, to say the least. A billionaire businessman with no prior political experience, he defied all odds and clinched the presidency in 2016. Initially, Kriek, like many others, had reservations about Trump. However, over time, he began to understand and appreciate the unique qualities that Trump brought to the table.

Trump’s Impact on Domestic and International Affairs:

During his presidency, Trump made a significant impact on both domestic and international fronts. He challenged the status quo in numerous ways:

  1. United Nations and NATO: Trump criticized the United Nations for losing its ethical compass and questioned NATO’s burden-sharing. He pushed for reduced military spending among NATO member states.
  2. Foreign Relations: Trump supported Brexit, fostered relationships with Arab Sunni leaders, and took a tough stance on Iran. His approach was notably different from his predecessor’s, leading to significant geopolitical shifts.
  3. Defeating ISIS: Under Trump’s leadership, the United States successfully defeated ISIS, bringing a semblance of peace back to war-torn Syria.
  4. Economic Growth: Domestically, the U.S. economy saw improvements, partly due to better trade agreements with Mexico, Canada, China, and the EU. Trump reduced bureaucracy and reached out to traditionally Democratic voter groups.

The War Against Trump:

Despite his accomplishments, Trump faced relentless opposition from the so-called Swamp, which includes the mainstream media, Big Tech, and the Democrats. The Russia hoax and impeachment over an innocuous phone call with Ukraine’s president were just the tip of the iceberg. However, the most contentious battle took place during the 2020 elections.

The Controversial 2020 Elections:

Kriek’s book highlights the controversy surrounding the 2020 elections. Laws facilitating postal voting and allegations of fraud led to widespread mistrust in the electoral process. Big Tech played a significant role in manipulating public opinion, and Trump supporters were convinced that the election was stolen. Despite these concerns, Joe Biden assumed office.

Media’s Role in the Battle:

“First Battle” meticulously examines how the mainstream media reported on Trump’s statements and rallies during his last one hundred days in office. It’s evident that the coverage was overwhelmingly negative, seemingly part of a conspiracy to undermine Trump’s presidency. Kriek provides a daily summary from October 1, 2020, to January 21, 2021, showcasing the headlines and articles from three media sources each day.

The Aftermath:

As the book unfolds, readers witness the official appointment of Joe Biden as the 46th president. Trump’s call for unity and non-violence was a poignant moment, leaving many yearning for more of his leadership.


“First Battle” by Johannes Kriek offers readers a unique perspective on the Trump presidency, shedding light on the relentless war waged against him by the mainstream media, Democrats, and Big Tech. It serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by a president who dared to challenge the established order. Whether you view Trump with love or hate, his four years in office were undeniably transformative. In the end, “First Battle” leaves us with the question: Will we ever witness another political phenomenon like Donald Trump, who disrupted the political landscape and challenged the elite? Only time will tell.

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