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Mobile Application Development Process: Step By Step Guide To Building A Successful App

The mobile app market is vast and offers excellent growth potential. The numbers are pretty impressive, much to allure a lot of startups seek help from development company in greater noida to engage in mobile app development.

It may sound quite strange, but it is true that the number of mobile devices available in the market today is greater than the number of people in the world! 

In fact, according to a few surveys, with such a massive number of mobile apps available, the anticipated revenue generation from the global mobile app market, whether in terms of in-app purchases, paid apps, advertising, or others, is more than $250 billion by 2026.

However, not all mobile apps are successful, mainly because they are not built to provide a valuable solution or serve any specific pain point of the users. Moreover, the proper process for developing a mobile app is not followed, which is mainly due to their ignorance and not taking help from a professional app development company in Greater Noida.

If you are interested in developing a mobile app and want it to be successful, here are the basic steps to follow.

Developing A Strategy by The App Development Company in Greater Noida 

Start the process by developing a precise strategy for developing the app with a professional app development company in Greater Noida. 

Ideally, you should develop a mobile app keeping the following aspects in mind:

  • The business model
  • Its goals
  • Its capabilities and 
  • Future application.

The best way to proceed is to identify the objectives so that it helps in achieving your goals. Once again, the expertise of the app development company will help you in this process by learning about the following:

  • The solution your app will provide
  • Your target users and 
  • The anticipated results.

In addition, you will need to research your competitors, the errors in their app resulting in its failure, or the good things that made it successful.

The final part of your strategy is to choose the right platform and monetization method.

Analysing and Planning 

This is the next important step that involves different aspects as well. With the help of an app development agency, find out the following:

  • The different requirements of the app depend on its type and purpose
  • The roadmap app to achieve your ultimate goal and 
  • The skills and technology required.

UI/UX Design

One crucial area that an app development agency will emphasise is UI/UX design. A lot of attention is given to it will either make or break your app. The interface should be user-friendly, intuitive, and engaging so that users love it and have a seamless experience. 

To ensure that, you will need to focus on the following aspects:

  • The architecture
  • Information
  • Workflow
  • Wireframes or digital sketches 
  • Conceptual layouts 
  • Aesthetics and style
  • Different design elements 
  • Mockups
  • Consistency and 
  • Prototypes.

All these, if done correctly, will enhance the functionality of your app, just as the UX/UI statistics show.

App Development

This is one of the most significant steps to which the app development agency will pay attention. This step typically involves two major parts, as described below:

  • Frontend – It involves end-user interaction aspects. It can be platform-specific, cross-platform, or hybrid.
  • Backend – It involves creating server-side objects and databases using a suitable programming language for coding. This influences the performance of the app based on the hosting environment and database engines.

The Final Steps

The final steps involve the following:

  • Testing, which involves performance, functionality, security, extended review, platform, and device
  • Deployment via different distribution models and 
  • Performance and support monitoring regarding downloads, visit time, active users, churn, retention, ratings, conversions, value, and more.

With all these steps followed under the professional guidance of an app development agency, you may expect your mobile app to be successful and generate greater traffic and revenue. 


There are too many mobile apps available, and a lot of new ones are added every day. To beat the competition, you must develop an app that is better than the others in performance, utility, and user experience.

It is not easy to do it all by yourself, which is why you are advised to seek help from a professional and reliable mobile app development agency.


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