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Home Health What Are The Benefits Of Protein Shake Before Or After Workout?

What Are The Benefits Of Protein Shake Before Or After Workout?

Protein shakes are the type of shakes which are made up of protein powders. These are dry and powdered supplements which are actually derived from both the plant and animal based sources of protein, and it can be both flavoured and unflavoured. 

These protein powders are generally mixed with milk, water or other liquid things to consume in the form of protein shakes or smoothies. Protein is extremely necessary for the human body and so people take it many different ways to meet the requirement, for which protein shakes are quite popular. But people are usually confused whether they should drink protein shake before or after workout. So if you also have this question and want to know when, then we got you covered through this article.

As you scroll down, you will find out complete details about protein shakes, such as when is it right to take protein shakes, before or after the workout?, what are the benefits of taking it at respective times and much more. So just keep reading below to check out all the info.

When is it better to take protein shake before or after workout?

It is suggested by a lot of researchers and people from the fitness field that it really does not matter whether a person drinks a protein shake before or after the workout. Because what really matters is to fulfil the daily intake of protein required by our body. Protein is actually an important source of muscle growth and repair. And this is the reason why a lot of people these days consume supplements of protein in the form of shakes along with their workout. However, choosing the best time to take a protein shake is a debated topic. 

So looking at the best possibilities and what’s suggested the most by professionals, protein plays a vital role in the repairing and rebuilding of the muscles after exercising and weight training, it is better to take it after the workout. Another reason to have it after a workout is that it gets digested fast. So whenever you decide to take it, ie. protein shake before or after workout, according to your body needs, what matters the most is that you complete your daily protein requirement, and then you will be good to go!

Benefits of drinking Protein Shake before Workout

  1. Feel satiated- If you are someone who has not eaten in 3 to 4 hours, or do not have time to take a full meal before you go for workout, a protein shake can be the best option to curb hunger and will help you feel full. And when you have less than 1 hour to go for a workout, protein shake is the best option indeed, because it gets absorbed in the body quickly.
  2. Minimise the breakdown of muscles- If might sound odd, but when you go for a workout session, the muscles fibres in your body break down. This is because protein contains all the necessary amino acids which are required by the body, and so consuming a protein packed snack or simply a protein shake can help you a lot to repair the cells of the muscle and get back to workout fast, thus a big positive to choose ‘before’ from whether you should take protein shake before or after workout.
  3. Boost the adaption of muscles- Fueling the body up prior to the workout helps a lot to boost the ability of your muscles to adapt during the workout efforts. In simple words, protein helps your muscles to put up with the work. And in case you are preparing yourself for a tough or extra workout, then it is suggested by a lot of professionals that protein supports the endurance of the muscles, which helps to keep you strong and steady during a hard session. 
  4. Fuel up your body for workout- Your body, brain & muscles need protein to give you all the energy and function properly. So if you are depleted of carbs or protein, then you are not going to make the most out of your workout. And so it is important to mention that protein intake pre-workout is very vital for optimising the performance and making it worth it.

Benefits of drinking Protein Shake after Workout

And if you have decided to go for an ‘after’ from whether you should take protein shake before or after workout, here are the benefits of it-

  1. Build the lean muscle- Having protein post workout is not only responsible for gains, but also the important amino acids in it are the major building blocks which grow and maximise the lean muscle. Just make sure that you have the protein shake within 30 minutes to an hour approx after you have done your workout. This will increase its impact and your workout will not get wasted at all if you take it within 30 minutes after your last exercise.
  2. Boost your energy- Sometimes when you have done a strong workout and you can not have a full meal, it is best to take protein shake which will help you replenish any fluid that is lost during sweating & so boost the energy. Also a scoop of protein is very easy to digest, in case you are lacking an appetite.
  3. Repair the breakdown of muscles- As it is mentioned above the protein helps to minimise the breakdown of muscles during the workout & so speed up the process of recovery. As muscle fibres break down when we workout, it is better to consume it after a workout, so that it stops the process of this breakdown. 
  4. Reduce inflammation in body- Hard workouts result in tiny and microscopic tears in the muscles, after which inflammation increases in the body as a result of it. But the good part is that the high levels of protein can help to minimise this breakdown & mitigate the response of inflammation, which eventually makes you feel less sore.

And thus, all these are the important points according to which you can decide whether you should drink protein shake before or after workout!


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