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Home business Surviving the Mojave: A Guide to Fallout New Vegas Best Weapons in the USA

Surviving the Mojave: A Guide to Fallout New Vegas Best Weapons in the USA

Surviving the Mojave: A Guide to Fallout New Vegas Best Weapons in the USA


Surviving the treacherous landscapes of the Mojave Wasteland requires more than just quick reflexes and sharp wits. Your armory is your best ally, serving as your last line of defense against the mutants, raiders, and assorted hazards that plague the land. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to arm you with the knowledge of Fallout New Vegas Best Weapons in the USA. Prepare to conquer the Mojave with style!

Melee Weapons: Close Combat Essentials  

When bullets are scarce and silence is golden, melee weapons become your trustworthy companions. A classic choice, the Machete Gladius, is not only fast but also deals reasonable damage. Its lightweight design ensures you can swing it multiple times, maximizing damage output against foes.

Katana, another exceptional option, provides speed and precision. Enhanced by weapon mods, the Katana can become a slicing machine that can sever limbs with ease. Its high critical hit multiplier adds an element of unpredictability, making it a potent tool for close combat.

The Super Sledge packs a heavy punch and is excellent for taking down armored targets. This powerful weapon can be cumbersome but compensates with its staggering damage output. While it consumes stamina at a faster rate, the Super Sledge proves invaluable when facing hard-to-kill adversaries.

Don’t underestimate the power of Brass Knuckles. When you’re forced into an unarmed situation, these knuckles serve as a useful backup. Though they don’t offer high damage, their speed and low-action point cost in VATS makes them ideal for a quick flurry of hits.

Guns: Ranged Weaponry for Every Situation  

The Anti-Material Rifle reigns supreme for long-distance combat. With its high damage output and armor-penetrating capabilities, it’s your go-to weapon for dealing with armored or robust enemies at a range. A single well-placed shot can even bring down Deathclaws.

For a balanced approach, consider the Hunting Rifle. Though it lacks the sheer power of the Anti-Material Rifle, it offers an excellent rate of fire and reasonable accuracy. With weapon mods, its performance can be significantly enhanced, making it a versatile choice for various encounters.

Shotguns, particularly the Riot Shotgun, are excellent for close-to-mid-range engagements. The Riot Shotgun can fire off multiple rounds quickly, capable of clearing a room filled with enemies in seconds. While it lacks in range, it compensates through sheer stopping power.

For those who prefer the spray-and-pray method, the Light Machine Gun has you covered. Although it doesn’t offer the best damage per shot, the rapid-fire capability compensates, especially when tackling groups of weaker enemies. Just make sure you have plenty of ammunition.

Energy Weapons: Futuristic Firepower  

The Plasma Rifle excels in medium-range combat scenarios. Its shots can dissolve enemies into a puddle of goo, leaving behind no evidence. The Plasma Rifle not only deals impressive energy damage but also provides a high rate of fire for those hectic battles.

The Tesla Cannon is a devastating energy weapon that offers explosive radius damage. It’s perfect for taking out clusters of enemies or even vehicles. However, it comes with the downside of slow reload times and limited ammunition. Plan your shots wisely.

Laser Rifles offer a balance between fire rate and damage. Equipped with mods, they can rival the performance of traditional ballistic guns. The absence of bullet drop and travel time allows for pinpoint accuracy, making them ideal for targeting specific enemy weak points.

Another interesting choice is the Alien Blaster, a rare and unique weapon. With limited ammunition, this weapon is best saved for dire circumstances. However, its absurdly high damage output and near-perfect accuracy make it a game-changer when facing powerful adversaries.

Explosives: Making a Blast in the Wasteland  

The Fat Man is the epitome of destructive force, launching mini-nukes that annihilate everything within its blast radius. This weapon is not for the faint-hearted and requires precise aiming to avoid self-harm. Use it sparingly and watch the Mojave bow before you.

Grenade Launchers offer a more controlled form of devastation. Their arched projectile trajectory allows you to lob grenades over cover, effectively flushing out entrenched enemies. These launchers provide a reasonable balance between power and ease of use.

C-4 Plastic Explosives require a bit more finesse. They’re perfect for setting traps or taking out groups of enemies stealthily. Plant them strategically, retreat to a safe distance, and detonate to witness your enemies scatter in panic.

Dynamite is a more accessible explosive that’s often overlooked. It’s less powerful than other options but can be thrown rapidly and doesn’t weigh much. Keep a bundle handy for emergencies or when you need to quickly disrupt enemy formations.


Equipped with the right tools of destruction, surviving the Mojave becomes a more manageable task. Whether you prefer slicing, shooting, zapping, or exploding your way through obstacles, a myriad of options await your exploration. For more tips and tricks to navigate the treacherous terrain, visit here to related post.

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